Optimize and Automate your advertising bids with our AI algorithms… Not your time!

What can you do?

  • Define your business products, leads or affiliate offers as advertising Targets
  • Advertise your Targets with easy campaign setup across ad-networks
  • Track your ad delivery and sales
  • Control bids with automated AI bidding algorithms and rules
  • Enjoy lightning speed real-time reporting

define your Target products


open Campaigns

  • Choose your traffic sources and target locations for automatic campaign creation
  • Campaign_type structure enables reporting across campaigns of the same type
  • Apply Target and Campaign level fall back bids and bidding rules for all its keywords
  • Control all campaigns across all your traffic sources from your campaign report

Add Keywords

  • Access performance history of any keyword in any campaign type.
  • Control keyword expenses with daily bidding rules
  • Automated Keyword bidding algorithm or bid manually
  • Add keywords to your traffic sources from within the reports

Being in total control of all your keywords has never been so easy

Performance tracking



  • Conversion API and Reporting

Traffic Log

  • See your advertising traffic LIVE

Bottom Line

  • Define your product in the FunKeyword Interface
  • Select the traffic sources and locations that you want your new target to be advertised in
  • Search through slices and timelines of each keyword, campaign_type or target’s costs and conversions to feel in total control of your business
  • make enlightened bidding decisions backed with easily accessed data or let FunKeyword do it for you
  • expand your advertising to more products and keywords as you save manpower, time and money with your FunKeyword interface
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